Top Travel Industry Marketing Videos and Why They Work (Part I)

Video marketing is a great strategy for the travel industry.

Video marketing is an ideal tool for the travel industry. Not only can you see the picturesque scene, but you can experience the sounds and create an emotional connection with the customer. Each day, thousands of people sit in their office cubicles thinking of their perfect vacation, and video marketing is a way to entice them.

In fact, over 65% of people watch travel videos if they’re dreaming of taking a trip.

In this article, we’ll look at some travel marketing videos and discuss why they worked and how you can get the same effect with your video marketing.

As the experience economy grows, destination marketers have to find a way to show visitors they will get a unique experience by traveling to their destination. In your marketing, you need to discuss what makes your destination different and play up those distinct features.

Video Gives Us the Feels

Travel is a distinct experience. Not everyone is going to experience the same vacation in the same way. Regardless if it’s comfort, adventure, unique food, or relaxation, we all value various aspects of a tourist destination. For tourist-focused businesses or organizations, video plays a very vital part in communicating those experiences to the prospective vacationer. You can tell a possible traveler, for example, all the spots only the natives know about.

In fact, among those who watched or commented on travel-related videos:

  • 66% watched videos when dreaming about taking a trip
  • 65% watched videos when picking a destination
  • 54% watched videos when selecting accommodations
  • 63% watched videos when searching for activities to do at a destination
  • 42% of travelers are encouraged by YouTube content

At this point, you’re possibly saying, “Okay, we get it, video is critical! Can I plan the trip already?”



Studios Don’t Want You Watching New Releases at Home

Recently, a new startup from Napster co-founder and Facebook catalyzer Sean Parker has made its way into the limelight. Screening Room would let you stream new releases to your house the same day they hit theaters. Not surprisingly, theater owners aren’t happy. Meanwhile, some of Hollywood’s most powerful directors think it’s an excellent idea.

While the availability of streaming movies as soon as they hit the theaters is appealing, some aren’t too thrilled about it.

But for all the kerfuffle, folks might be getting mad about not too much. First-run movies at home could have a bad effect on the way the film industry works. And that’s the reason it most likely won’t happen.

So far Screening Room has tried to keep a low profile. The website gives nothing more than a bizarre logo, a few addresses, and some slightly ominous music. The startup is still in its beginning phase, according to Deadline, but looks to already be in talks with Hollywood execs.

But here is reportedly the idea: Instead of going to a theater to catch a new release, the Screening Room would offer it to you at home for $50 bucks, and you’d have two days to watch it. The company has proposed charging a one-time fee of $150 for a cable box-like piece of hardware fitted with tech to stop piracy.

Hollywood Speaks

For Hollywood, such a change would create an industry-wide earthquake, and the fault lines are quickly appearing. In letters this week, the National Association of Theater Owners practically called for a cease-and-desist from the outsider, and indie theaters group, Art House Convergence, warned of the possibility for piracy. Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and J.J. Abrams, who are reportedly shareholders, appear to support the idea, while Christopher Nolan and James Cameron have publicly opposed it.

Either way, the current system seems ready for change. Theater ticket sales are low. DVD sales are down. Studios are looking for ways to increase their bottom lines. At the same time, movie lovers have become used to an on-demand world. We want what we want when we want it, particularly when it comes to entertainment.