Will a Video Will Hold Up in Court?

What Are Video Wills?

Most states mandate wills be physical documents that are signed, written, and witnessed. However, with the advancement of technology, videotaped wills are growing very popular. In a video will, the will-maker, also known as the testator, usually reads their will out loud in front of a video camera.

While a video will cannot be used as the sole will and testament, it does have its advantages.

Are Video Wills Valid?

It is important to note that a video will, by itself, is not a valid substitute for a written will. The video maker must supply a written copy of their wishes that satisfy the state’s requirements for a valid will. This might be simple to do since the testator is reading a will out loud, denoting that a written copy exists. As long as the written copy satisfies the state’s requirements, the written and video will can be used together to protect the will’s validity.

Even though this type of will might not be seen as the right substitute for a written will, the video will can still serve a useful purpose on its own. A video will can serve as evidence that the testator was competent and of sound mind at the time that the will was made. Such evidence can be used to stop any possible will contests.

Do I Need to Contact a Lawyer to Produce My Video Will?

While producing a video will is a creative and helpful tool in the estate planning process, the video alone is not enough to guarantee the distribution of your estate will be carried out according to your wishes. An estate attorney can help you create a written will that satisfies your state’s will requirements, to fully execute your wishes. Also, several estate lawyers have video rooms in which you can record your will and let you contact loved ones from beyond the grave.


Best Video Games Design Colleges (Part IV)

How satisfying would it be to make money doing what you love? Make that dream your reality at these universities.

Parsons (New York, NY)

Folks outside the video game industry frequently see the business as just focused on entertainment. Even though it is the moving economic force behind video game creation, this college guides students on how to use their skill sets in creative ways for the greater good. For example, Parsons teamed up with the Red Cross through Pet Lab to build games that instruct people in vulnerable areas about the significance of climate preparation.

Columbia College Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Columbia College of Chicago has one of the most affordable tuitions of any private arts and media schools in the country. With over 15,000 students it is also one of the biggest. And all this is offered in one of the most significant hubs of commerce and research in the US.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT), opened new doors to the video game world when it developed the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab. This think tank was created to develop video games as more than just toys. Instead, it imagined a world where video games served as a compliment to books as learning tools.

NYU- Tisch School (New York, NY)

New York University (NYU) has become a world-famous institution. It is arguably the leading school in arguably the world’s most significant city. Its Tisch School of the Arts has completely capitalized on its proximity to Broadway and is now one of the most valued creative centers on the globe. Moreover, it just opened a video game design degree.

Shawnee State University (Portsmouth, OH)

Shawnee State University has the small feel of a leading private school and all the research advantages of being an up and coming public university in one of the most rapidly growing states. Perhaps this is why over 80% of graduates from Shawnee find employment in their preferred field only six months of graduation.