The Importance of Video in Social Media

How vital is video in today’s social media? Some would believe that it’s truly everything, and there are some who have created a prosperous social media marketing campaign completely around video.

There are a few real reasons why video has become very important:

It’s popular. Videos receive more sharing and other collaboration on social media than other sorts of content. Folks love videos!

Videos attract the most active group of folks online, young folks.

Many social media sites have features that let you share video with ease. There are many tools that make video production simple.

One last reason is that your competition is already using video.

Video is likely to become even more crucial in the future, so if you’re not using it presently, it’s time to get it going. A great place to begin is to study your own social media activity. Have you viewed any videos on social media recently? What kind were they and why did you view them? This will give you some concepts on the sort of videos you can make yourself.

For many businesses just starting with video, it’s hard to think about what you could create. Here are a few ideas for videos that you can create yourself:

Solve a Problem/Answer a Question

Take a common problem or question that your experience, knowledge, and skills can solve, and resolve it in front of a camera. This is really handy for businesses that do services like repair or cleaning work.

Talk in Front of the Camera

Video blogs or vlogs are effortless but very popular on the web. This is where an individual just sits in front of the camera and talks. Take a topic that’s of interest to your audience and you know about and discuss it in a quick video lasting no more than a few minutes.

Top Exercise and Health Apps

We spend a lot of time on our phones. Just ask the people we practically walk into every day. If scrolling through your text or swiping right were an Olympic sport, most of us would take home a gold medal. In reality, the only things getting a workout in our lives are our fingers. That’s not to say cellphones can’t help you have a happy and healthy life. You just need the right apps to download.

Before you go running to the app store, take a look at the health and fitness apps below. We’ve tested numerous apps and have reduced them to the ones that are worth your time.

Couch to 5K
If you’re interested in running, Couch to 5K should be the app you download. The free 8-week program offers users 3 workouts per week that gets you prepared for your next professional run.

We originally fell in love with Cassey Ho while looking on YouTube at her Blogilates videos. This app elevates things to the next level. You have access to all her videos, plus a monthly workout calendar and online forum.

Zombies, Run!
Running turns out to be way more fun when every step brings you closer to doing your mission, gathering materials for your base camp and keeping folks secure from the zombie apocalypse. There’s a reason this game was the top-grossing fitness and health app on iTunes in just 14 days. Even though it’s free, you’ll be dropping cash like those who play Candy Crush. Except this app aids you in getting your exercise on.

Fitnet is the workout app for folks who can’t get any time in for the gym. The app has a lot of 5 -7 minutes workouts. You don’t have to give up time with your family and friends to reach your fitness goals.