How to Create an App (Part I)

Like so many ahead you, you have a good app idea stirring in your brain. You have no concept on how to bring it and all its profit potential to reality. And like those who have created the way for app entrepreneurs, you must learn the ropes.

While some will suggest you employ a developer and put some serious money into your idea, realists will tell you the danger is too big. There are plenty of app building programs out there that can aid you in making your vision real. The simple truth is with some methodical work and planning, the process is really easy.

We’ve created a guide that will go with you through the steps of benefiting from your big idea. Let’s begin on how to create an app…

Step 1: Set a Goal.

Get away from any type of technology and get out paper and a pen and define what you want to achieve. The beginning place in the world of app development is paper and pen, not intricate designing and coding. Ask and answer these questions:

  • What exactly do you want your app to do?
  • How are you going to make it appeal to users?
  • What problem is it going to solve?
  • How will it simplify life for people?
  • How will you market your app?

Step 2: Draw your Ideas.

You still don’t need to turn on your computer.  What you need to do is use the paper and pen that has the solutions to the questions about your app’s purpose to create a sketch of what it should look like.  This is where you move your plainly worded ideas into visual representations of your ideas.  You can decide to offer in app purchases.  If that is something you would like to do, make sure you sketch out those ideas too.

Best Video Conferencing Apps for Teams

Video calls came in fits and starts. The earliest came from AT&T’s labs in ’27 with a space full of equipment. Public videophone booths were accessible by the 70’s and in the early 90’s, you could buy a video phone for about $1,000.

Then, wider bandwidth and apps came along. Video calls and conferencing was

Getting people together has gotten easier

more abundant, as long as you had a good internet connection and a capable device. In today’s world, if you’re shopping and want suggestions from a friend, a video call is just a few taps away. If you want to interview or consult with a dozen people who live in another town, you can do so face-to-face and never leave your desk. Sometimes, FaceTime is cheaper and clearer than a standard phone call.

The Top Quick Video Call Apps

You’ve got an idea and want to give it to your team members ASAP without all that unnecessary back-and-forth. Or, you want to talk with a partner and see how a project is coming along. All you want is a fast way to make a video call without any hassle.

These apps are the ones you go to for that. For more details, check them out online. Some can be used on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or the internet. Others can only be used on a couple of these apparatus. The best part is that most of them are free!

  • Zoom -Best for reliable, clear group video calls
  • Google Hangouts-Best for quick calls from Google Calendar
  • Amazon Chime-Best for jumping on a call right on schedule
  • for quick small group chats in a browser
  • Slack-Best for making a call directly from team chat
  • GoToMeeting -Best for professional video conferencing
  • FaceTime-Best for one-to-one video calls that feel as simple as making a phone call
  • Gruveo-Best for receiving video calls in your browser